Open Call: Shared Cultural Heritage Fund - Netherlands-Brazil

The Netherlands Fund for Shared Cultural Heritage is aimed at the common cultural heritage between the Netherlands and Brazil and aims to work together on the conservation, use, administration and visibility of this heritage.

The projects will be evaluated for their capacity to strengthen cultural identity and/or cultural heritage between Brazil and the Netherlands and their impact on the symbolic significance of this heritage. It will also take into account the effects of the project on the locality where it will be implemented, such as job creation, increased tourism, availability of cultural activities and stimulation of science and education, among others. Above all, it will be evaluated to what extent the project is able to guarantee the destination and conservation of the shared heritage in the future.

About the requirements of the requesting institution

  • The institution must be a legal, non-commercial entity, and not dependent on the Dutch financial contribution for its operation;
  • The institution must have sound financial and management systems that ensure effective and efficient implementation of the activities for which grant funding is being sought;
  • The institution must have a business bank account, in a bank that allows international transfers of money (SWIFT code), if outside the Netherlands;
  • The institution must demonstrate that it has adopted an integrity policy and that it has introduced procedures to apply that policy.

About the requirements of the project to be financed

  • The project must last a maximum of 12 months, and should start by October, 2020. Projects that have already started prior to the acceptance of the proposal by the Embassy of the Netherlands are only eligible if funding is sought for a new or additional activity within the project.
  • The Embassy may provide a total financial support of up to R$ 150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand Brazilian real), or EUR 24,000.00 (twenty four thousand euros – for payments made in the Netherlands).
  • The activities for which funding is sought must not be for the funding of commercial services, investments or commercial activities;
  • The Embassy will contribute with up to 60% of the total costs of the project, and full support (100%) for the proposed project will not be possible. Therefore, the institution must, necessarily, bear a portion of the costs of the project. Third party contributions are permitted, provided that these institutions comply with the same requirements as the requesting institutions listed above;
  • Preference will be given to projects in which the Brazilian requesting institution works together with a Dutch partner based in the Netherlands. If the executing organization is Dutch, it must partner with a Brazilian organization, based in Brazil;
  • The cooperation is based on equality, reciprocity and respect for property.
  • The project should take into account some of the following factors: strengthen cultural identity and/or shared heritage with the Brazilian public, contribute to the conservation, use, management and visibility of shared heritage, and include a component of training, education or knowledge exchange;
  • The project should consider the impediments for travel and/or physical visits to locations, as a result of the current pandemic caused by the COVID-19;
  • Proposals that are exclusively based on virtually/online collaboration and execution are also eligible for funding;

About the application

The deadline for submitting this basic form is 30 August, 2020. Proposals submitted after this date will be automatically disqualified.

The form (below) should be sent electronically (in a .doc or .pdf file) to the e-mail address of the Department of Politics, Public Diplomacy and Culture:, under the title MRF 2020 - “name of the institution".

Questions about the Dutch Shared Cultural Heritage Fund will be answered exclusively through e-mail address: